Need info about paid plans.


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I'm considering x10hosting's paid plans, so I need some info.

Average Uptime Per Month?
Average Uptime Per Restart?
Monthly or Yearly Payment?
Age of Current Server?
Backup Server to Switch to When Other is Down?
Server Environment?
Number of Paid Hosting Users per Machine?
Total Space per Machine?
Using Overlaying Accounts? (meaning whether accounts are actually sharing the same webspace by assuming that people don't use all their space)
Using PHP5?
Ping times Between Server and US on Average?
Number of Yearly Significant(1 hour or more) Downtimes?

I want to know all of this so I can compare to other hosts. ICDHost is one with its well known reliability, years in business, and support, but it doesn't have nearly as much space or features. H-sphere and Cpanel are comparable. I've seen many people rave about the x10hosting features...