Important New error code pages and multi IP and account blocks.

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We have released two new features today to our free hosting services.

The first feature is to address the most common error codes users are receiving which is a blocked country code or a VPN / Proxy error code. We have streamlined these codes to provide the user with that information when they attempt to signup / login to our free hosting services.

If you get an error page that states you are in a blocked country you do not need to make a post or report this to our team UNLESS you are an existing member. For new users please check back as we periodically review our blocks and open new access.

If you are an existing user and you run into a country block please make a post here: and one of our team members will be able to allow you access.

The second feature is we are now enforcing our 1 account per IP / User rule. We have found most of our abuse cases are stemming from users who have multi-accounts.

When attempting to access your account you will be notified of a multi-account error page.

Since we have not enforced this rule in the past ~1 year we are allowing users to request which account they will keep. You can reach out to us via the forums to let us know which account you wish to have access to. We can also allow temporary access to each account if the user needs to obtain files or information from the account prior to it being terminated.
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