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Judging from the looks of the TOS and a few other things x10hosting seems like a good place to host a small site to show off some of my works.

At the moment I've got my site page setup and I'm planning to move the applet to another page so no one has to deal with it on the index page. This way it will only load if you want it to. :)

In any event I'm a student game designer and have some web design experience to go along with my game making skills.

Here's my site be wary the game is still on the index but that will be changing in a minute or two.

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Got the second page up and running a while ago.
Just need to put in a few references to this site and I'll be able to tinker without feeling like I've forgotten something.
I guess this would be a two post hello.

If things go well I'll see if I can get some of my classmates headed this way. :) See you all around. :)