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ah! Good job on the website. I always like joomla websites ^^. I rate it 7 out of 10.

Anyways, here's some useful tips that might help you. Hope you don't mind...

.: you should put a note to the template used out of courtesy to the designers.

.: instead of using category listing in your top menu, the section blog layout would be better. Pages with lists of articles are weird and manly used when you have so much content that people would have to surf undreads of pages to find an article.

.: Instead of asking for donations (or also with donations) monetise your website with adsense publicity. There's a lot of Games and Technology ads out there. ^^

.: Artcile design: Instead of using readmore link to split the articles, create a short description of the article, put the readmore separator under it, and hide the intro text.
Example: in your maple story article, the image takes too much article space and the readmore link only displays more images. You could do this:

<div style="background: url(; width:450px; height: 210px; float: right; margin: 0px 0px 10px 10px">.</div>
MapleStory is an MMORPG that has been up for years and is still running to this day.</ br>
With millions of members blablabla...</br>
<hr id="system-readmore" />
Full text again! blablalba

This is how it would look like

after clicking readmore


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"you should put a note to the template used out of courtesy to the designers. "

But I made the template my self lol. Didn't use anyone elses nor a free/paid template.

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Also, if I do that, should I add more articles to front page if theres less content showing on each?

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also when I did the "With millions of members....."*READ MORE*. It doesn't look right. It just looks cut off with a button that says Read More below it not directly after the text.

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Also...sorry lol adding bunch of stuff. Wouldn't it be better to show the intro text, because if it's using "..." then if you hide the intro text, they might forget what the sentence was saying after they clicked Read More.