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Discussion in 'Review My Site' started by thunder11, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. thunder11

    thunder11 New Member

    Hello friends.
    I am happy to launch a new tutorial website for help of my friends, college guys to learn web development and Programming Basics. Please tell me whether you liked it or not? Also give some constructive suggestions.

  2. glennemlee95

    glennemlee95 New Member

    I don't have any complaints. Add even more content on it and I'll give you a backlink alongside a written review.

    Just read your Introduction to HTML (just casually browsing and eyeballing it still). Kudo's on recommending Notepad++.
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  3. vv.bbcc19

    vv.bbcc19 Community Advocate Community Support

    Nice site.
    Clean and neatly organized template.
    I think you can put certain boxes for ads and invite people to contact you for adspaces.Alternatively adsense,bidvertizer ,chitika etc are companies which serve ads to websites.This site is worth earning money with.
  4. thunder11

    thunder11 New Member

    Thank you Glennemlee95 for your suggestion. I'll add more content to it. :)

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    Thank you vv.bbcc19 for your suggestion. I'll try to monetize it in future when the website get enough content and visitors. :)
  5. glennemlee95

    glennemlee95 New Member

    Awesome sauce. If, by chance, I write a tutorial on a language, how would I go about submitting it?
  6. Zenax

    Zenax Active Member


    Just took a quick look at the website. A very nice and clean website. Easy on the eye and loads quickly, which is just what you need a website.

    I don't know if it just me and my laptop, but there is a slight difference in the layout between the homepage and the HTML section. The whole layout moves slightly to the right on the HTML section of the website.

    Perhaps add a content coming soon page rather than a standard Error 404 page for the other sections of the website.

    Other than that it is a nice and good looking website.

    King Regards,
  7. cheezo

    cheezo Member

    nice site. this isn't simple to do actually. it has tons of pages.
    it has 404 error on this page though. maybe you forgot to put it.
  8. akshani

    akshani New Member

    In home.css, at #wrap, try to add a padding about 5-10-20 px to top, left, right and bottom (you can add just "padding: 5/10/20 px;" to #wrap and it will add it all l,r,t,b sections - a quick tweak but not recommended :wink: )

    #wrap {
        background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #FFFFFF;
        margin: 0 auto;
        text-align: left;
        width: 1000px;

    and deduct the same from the central div "main".
    #main {
        float: left;
        margin: 0;
        padding: 0 3px;
        width: 690px;
    Another thing I noticed that the wrap has its width set to 1000px, generally it is set to 960 px (I am a beginner! experts, please advise! :confused: )

    I didn't have the time to go through all the tutorials but you have covered many fields.
    keep up the good work and update it regularly.

    Last find the "#content-wrap" in css - what's its use I disabled it in firebug but couldn't see any changes.

    You will think this particular comment is not a review in general but a kinda postmortem!

    But it helped me to test my tiny knowledge.

    As you said on index page, Site is bookmarked !
    No offense though!

    Thnx n Peace!!! :biggrin:

    Hit me back if I'm wrong!

    Add a coming soon page and put all the sections you haven't prepared for publishing yet under it

    you can put a snippet of that page in any of the sidebars
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  9. thunder11

    thunder11 New Member

    Hey Zenax.. Thank you for your comment.. Well, I am not seeing any right deviation on HTML page on my desktop.. but will try on a laptop.. Might be any miscoding in CSS...

    Thanks Cheezo.. I am updating 404 page... :)

    Hey Akshani...
    I am also not a professional web developer... but just another college guy of 19... and do some web dev-design for my friends as my hobby. :)
    OK.. good points on tweaking CSS.. I'll update 404, CSS n definitely going to add more tutorials daily... Thanks for suggestion n bookmarking :)

    To all : Keep visiting for more constructive criticism n suggestion...
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  10. akshani

    akshani New Member

    Have you tried Yslow ? It gave your W/s overall 98% good.(I guess it should be word "great", right?) I am not remembering all the things, but one I remember is that you have included your .js files in your head ( lol ) put it after <body> tag. It helps to load page faster as the browser takes the js later. Now you'll get 99%.
  11. thunder11

    thunder11 New Member

    Thank you for suggesting about Javascript position. First time I tried on Yslow.. A very useful tool for webmasters. There are some issues with DNS lookups and Gzip compression... I will rectify them all very soon.

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