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Hello.. If you want to have some extra money for just clicking some few advertisements a day from your home, then you might want to check this out..:redface:

Standard- ($0.01/click) (4 ads/day and up to 10 extra free ads/day) ($0.005/referral click)
Golden- ($0.01/click) (8 ads/day and up to 10 extra free ads/day) ($0.01/referral click)
Ultimate- ($0.02/click) (8 ads/day and up to 10 extra free ads/day) ($0.01/referral click)

PTC's are real source of income, you just have to check and make sure its a legitimate or registered PTC site and not just a scam. Onbux.Com is a registered PTC site that offers you opportunity to earn extra or can be made as a main source of income. In PTC, referrals are the main factor in earning much faster and much more. The more referrals you have the more earnings you can make. You can rent as much as 4000 referrals depending on your account status. Iv'e already taken my ROI (return of investment) months ago, so now I can share this PTC site with clean concience that and may say that this is really a legit and good earning site. Here are some insights.. check the link.. Onbux FAQ In here you can check your possible income base on your account, referrals and your own clicks.

My suggestion to you if you want to register here, rent referrals as much as possible as you can, cause referrals here are quite active..:biggrin: That way you can get your ROI more faster and much more earnings. As for me, I invested around 200$ before and I have made my ROI (return of investment) for just almost two months.. And now I am earning $400-500 a month since my ROI few months ago. In all PTC sites, the sooner you register the better cause all are still active, active members, active cash flows, active site, active earnings. And Onbux is still few months old. If you want to register to this site, you can use my Referral link posted in my signature or if you want to just visit the site, you can use the Onbux Home Page link beside it.. You can also check the Payment Proof link to see how much members are earning from Onbux.. Hope you earn more as I do..:cool: And one more thing.. Just PM me if you want to know how to catch all of those extra free ads a day.. I am clicking 20 ads a day that suppose to be just 8 ads a day.. :D
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