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Of course, wander through the whole mess if you like, but this is the specific page I've just updated:

I really just updated the content, I didn't change formatting or anything. The site is about model horse collecting and miniature photography, and what I'm trying to do is present helpful tips and things I have learned in a narrative and hopefully somewhat entertaining manner. I don't want to overwhelm a novice with a lot of technical terms or terrify someone into thinking they have to buy a lot of expensive, high end equipment or invest in a lot of props to get good results and just plain have fun.

So I guess I'm even MORE interested in feedback from folks here, as I'm guessing I may well be the only adult on this forum who plays with plastic ponies in her spare time. If you still find the content vaguely interesting or amusing, so much the better. :eek:) And I'd wide open to suggestions on improving the layout/format, but I will admit right up front: I'm no .html guru, I still haven't mastered CSS, and I built and maintain my site with a free version of Code Lobster, using plain .html and some simple templates I set up yeeeeears ago. :eek:) Thanks in advance for anyone and everyones time and comments.