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I have a Website (in with a register form which sends a validation email to the person that has registered an account in order to validate his/her email.

I've sent emails in other hostings with PHP and I recieved the email succesfully in my mailbox and I was only wondering how long it takes to send an email with mail('$email','$subject','$message').

Thanks in advance.

PS: I've been waiting for half an hour and I've got my mailbox empty.

EDIT: I've tried sending the validation email to a Gmail and a Hotmail account

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I found the information looking for google.

"SATURDAY, MARCH 20 PHP mail() Functionality 1 year ago PHP’s mail function has been disable across some
of our servers. We will re-enable it soon in the
future, but we currently do not have an exact
ETA for this."

Really shocking, I don't know what will I do now.
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