Please review 'My Dufferin Magazine'


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Hi, Beau here:

It took 20-25 seconds to load multiple times from my 90mbps connection, a bit slow, meaning I'd advise you to first of course, disable and unused plugins and themes and remove heavy content not needed on the front page quickly, as speed will deter any visitors.

Secondly, some of the Advertisements featured look dated and again doesn't look very nice to the visitor, as well as the font not being the greatest. For screen real estate (space taken up by the site on the screen) I have a lot of unused space on my screen that could fit more stuff on:

I personally wouldn't go for that theme, it looks horrific, but its all down to personal preference, so to get some more opinions, I'd ask either some people here on the x10 Forums OR someone you know what they think.

Best Wishes,
Beau H