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Got a PTSU (paid to click/sign up) site that is legit - they have been around since 2008 and have hundreds of members strong along with a forum if you have any questions, admins seem to be active on board as well.

Quizzes - .25 each also includes game credits
Surveys: Daily: .35 each/ .05 game credits
Surveys: Monthly: 2GC credits

What doe's PTSU stand for?
PTSU stands for -Paid to sign up -taking short 5 minute surveys, contests, playing games, reading emails, trial offers, free offers, referring members,cash back shopping,posting in forums, paid to click tons of ways to make easy cash online in your spare time. This sounds like a Paid to click but is better since the payout is more than a ptc site. And is usually more legit than Ptc sites.

*accepts USA & all countries 18 & over, 13 with parental consent.

-$1.00 minimum instant paypal payout (manual submission first time, then instant thereafter. must post proof of payment at least once a month in their forum to get daily withdraws.

-payments=paypal/amazon gift cards/prizes/Gaming Systems, Gift Cards, DVDs, Games, etc. If you cannot find what you are looking for, they have a custom reward option allowing you to request anything that can be bought online.

-includes high paying offers
-free offers - .35 per offer and above nothing less unlimited earning potential endless.
-trial offers - $6 payouts on these, limited available.
-new offers added daily
-referral/offer contests

You get points which can be converted to cash or other payout of your choice, and GC (game credits) which you can redeem to play games on their site to gamble at getting more cash.

overall, I have been a member for 3 days, on the 2nd day I had $1.37, cashed it out and was processed and entered into my Paypal account within 1 business day.

Payment proof here:

Overall, the crediting system works rather quickly, within half an hour for most offers, earning potential is endless.

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This looks brilliant. I'll have to try this out.