Problems with x12?


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Is anyone aware of any issues with x12?

I went to check my email earlier, and found that my vps didn't appear to be responding. SSH conections were also failing.

I've tried rebooting it via solusvm, and although it said complete, it was still showing as offline, and with memory usage reading 0MB of 0MB available. I do have backups, so thought I would try a restore to the latest backup I took (yesterday). That has now completed, but it appears it still won't boot, and solusvm shows as no memory being available.

I've also tried a complete reinstall of centos, which didn't help, followed by again restoring the latest backup, which didn't get it working either.

I can't see anything in the announcements in the billing panel about x12, but i don't believe i've made any changes that could have caused it to offline (last change i made was to upgrade my invisionboard installation earlier).

I will of course open a support ticket, but wondered if it was just me having issues?

Edit: Looks like an announcement has just been added regarding kernel issues.
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