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Hi Everyone.

Well, here is what is happening.

1: I can't access my website, but that is what others are experiencing.
2: Just tried accessing my Hosting account, and I received this error. This is something I have never seen before.

Hosting server error
414 Request-URI Too Large nginx

It appears that we are having some slight difficulties, please wait and try your request again. (E46751F1)

My personal problem is that my brothers web hosting account ends this may, and I have him convinced to go with the platinum package which you folks offer, but before he would purchase it he wanted to test out my website, and low and behold it's not working. I know that these things happen, and for days now I have been discussing with him to take the chance, and purchase your top of the line account.

Now, I have been on the phone with him to keep him interested (got off the phone with him about 20 minutes or so ago) since he can't access my webpage, it's hard going since he can't see it in action (c-panel etc)

I'm doing everything on my end to get new accounts for you starting with my brother but it's a tad difficult to do when you can't access the website to push it along.

I hope you can clear these small problems up.

Cheers, and take care. :)

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Thanks guys whatever you did gave him time to get on, and take a gander...Well it looks very good, I am about 98 percent sure now he'll be purchasing your Platinum account. Now I just have to get mine, and I'll be all set :).

Cheers guys...and take care!
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