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Twitter is huge now. You'd be hard pressed to find a radio station that doesn't mention it every twenty minutes lately. It's featured on television and people use it all over the world. It has a huge user-base and every single person on it is connected.

I have been using twitter to promote my blog and it's been working a treat increasing views by hundreds a day and has become my top referrer to my website.

Things to do:

  • Create a twitter account, it's better to have one specifically for your website rather than use your personal one for website promotion.
  • Post regularly with links to your website, not just the homepage but parts of your website that are relevant to your tweet
  • Tweet with hashtags. Hashtags are something that you learn to understand more and more as you use twitter. It's basically a pre-determined search that you add to your tweet so for example if you tweet say #timford if someone clicked that it would show all the tweets with that particular hashtags. If people search something like #Cheese and your websites about cheese and you've tweeted it with a hashtag, the search is much more likely to be found leading people to your website.
  • Follow people with similar interest, the chances are they will follow you back and you may find they will chat to you on twitter and visit your site regularly
  • Tweet other users with helpful information, they may start to follow you or even just check your profile where you can put your website

Things not to do:

  • Don't spam twitter. People will hate you if you keep posting the same irrelevant stuff on twitter and they certainly don't like recieving @tweets with information they don't care about, chances are you'll get blocked and lose a potential viewer.
  • Think Follower are everything they are not. Many promotion companies and twitter software companies will have you believe that if you don't have followers people aren't reading your tweets, this isn't the case. Most people search on twitter, as do a lot of businesses. It helps to view opinions about certain topics, if your websites in relation they way view your tweet. They don't always want to find out about this sort of thing so they might not follow you but they'll still see your tweet and website.
  • Don't link your website twitter to your personal twitter, it will annoy people if your constantly plugging your website on something you used to post normal tweets about things on and you could lose followers.

You might try set up a new email address in order to link that twitter too, it seems like a lot of trouble but if your serious about using twitter to promote your website you might want to keep the hundreds of emails about followers away from your personal inbox.

I hope this helps and that you can get the most out of twitter, I will try and update this with more tips and tricks as I learn more about using twitter to promote my website. \

Happy Tweeting, Tim Ford.