Question regarding usernames


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I've noticed that most users have, just that, proper usernames. Unlike mine, which I'm guessing was taken from my email address. When I joined in 2011, no option to choose a username ever appeared anywhere. My question is this, why in my case, was I not given the opportunity to select my username, and why does my current username have that stupid 89 at the end? I mean really, how many ken gervais' does x10 have that I was tagged with the added 89?

If I'm not able to change or select a username, could someone please remove that dumb 89 from the end of my current username?

Don't suggest that I create a new account, and don't tell me it can't be changed. Because I'm sure if the same thing happened to one of the admins, they'd b able to change theirs quick enough. So please, if I can't have a proper user name, at least remove the 89 at the end of mine, and removing the DOT between ken and gervais would be appreciated as well. Thanks