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Discussion in 'Review My Site' started by bulletcleaners25, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. bulletcleaners25

    bulletcleaners25 New Member Prime Account

    Looking to get some feedback on my new layout I've been working on. my website is

    Any constructive criticism is welcome :)

    Thanks, look forward to hear what you guys think.
  2. motwera

    motwera New Member

    Well designed website and basic but functional
    only problem is the vertical line on the top right which is really unneeded
  3. eggo9432

    eggo9432 New Member

    The site looks good. I might touch up the logo a bit to make it look more sleek and more modern. Also, don't forget to assign min-widths to you divs so that on a mobile browser all of the content does not run together. Also, it seems that your html content is wider than the page itself and there is a scroll bar on the bottom of the page. I would suggest getting rid of that to make the site more appealing. So far, good job!
  4. bulletcleaners25

    bulletcleaners25 New Member Prime Account

    Thanks guys,

    yeah I've been a bit indecisive about that bar on the right, I had planned to made a login up the top which was meant to go on the left of the bar but I have since removed it as I added quick enquiry below instead. I might remove the bar.

    I normally used fixed div widths but this time I tried % and it seems to make it go over for some reason. I might play with it and see what I can do pretty sure it has to do with the border.

    As for my logo it was actually designed for me by a graphic designer from my mums work, saying that I've wanted to get it updated for awhile but shes actually changed jobs so I can't get it for free anymore so it will have to do until I can get enough money to pay for a nicer one.
  5. eggo9432

    eggo9432 New Member

    Here is a photo editing software like photoshop, but it's free: http://getgimp.com/lp/index.php?pk=6542. It works very well. Just add your image and touch it up a bit. It is quite easy to use and if you need any help then you can look up some instructions on YouTube.

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