Republic of Indian Stream


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The Republic of Indian Stream was a short-lived unrecognized state in North America from June 9, 1832 to 1835. The Republic of Indian Stream had a democratic government with a constitution, and a population of around 300 citizens. It was located in what is now part of New Hampshire. The nation was formed when citizens of a territorial dispute between the United States and the United Kingdom were unhappy with having to pay taxes to both the US and the UK, so they formed their own country. Citizens of Indian Stream referred to themselves as "Streamers".

While Indian Stream was officially unrecognized, it did enjoy some international attention. When one of their citizens was arrested by the British, they launched an "invasion" against British North America (Canada), rescued their citizen, and shot up the British judge's house. In 1835 the republic voted to join the United States. The Republic of Indian Stream ceased to exist when the New Hampshire militia annexed the republic. However, the area was still referred to as "Indian Stream" for some time after the annexation, and in the 1840 United States Census take referred to the region as "Indian Stream Territory, so-called".