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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Chris Z, May 26, 2006.

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  1. Chris Z

    Chris Z New Member

    i am trying to create a dynamic sig for some users on another forum, and what i want to be able to have in it is AIM status, MSN status, ip address, browser, random images, customizable text (color, font, and size) and maybe a random quote.

    all this i am asking for 1000 points, i could probably do without the ip address, browser, random images, and random quote, as i already have that code in another script i can just transfer, but i will guarantee 1000 points if you do all of the things stated in the first paragraph, and is well to my liking

    thanks! may the best php coder win!

    p.s. this script needs to be in php
  2. Chris Z

    Chris Z New Member

    <bump> is no one interested in this, or not smart enough, or what? i'd like to get this done, now comeon i know there's at least one person on this forum who's good at php
    comeon staff, you could do it too lol
  3. foggysmoke

    foggysmoke New Member

    I'm beginning to work on this. Just posting so no one else does the work for no reason. That is unless you think you can beat me... :bash:

    As of now I think I can do all of what you've requested. I'll post again if I change me mind.
  4. Chris Z

    Chris Z New Member

    ok thank you, and for the msn status and aim status, if you could just make like a field to type the name in, and also just make it as simple as "online" or "offline" but if you put like one of the icons in there from the actual IM program, that would be a bonus,
    thank you foggy smoke, just PM it to me when you're done ;)

    all my requests were fulfilled! thank you much foggysmoke!
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