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Hello. This request is that the IP of Argentina appears blocked and I cannot enter my site neither by CPanel nor by Filezilla. This is a problem since the site is active and I can neither upload files to the server nor modify them. I have that only account at and I don't understand why it was blocked since it is not a request for a new account.

When I try to enter I get the following legend

An error has been detected and your request could not be processed.​

Please see error details below

Country Code Blocklisted​

Your country is not supported at this time. New accounts cannot be created by users from this country. Technical support team members cannot bypass this restriction. Please try again at a future date. Existing account holders, read below.

All issues that are listed above must be resolved before this error will clear including waiting 24 hours for temporary blocks to expire. Requests to clear blocks before the temporary 24 hour expiration or the rule violation is corrected will not be processed. If you believe this error is incorrect, you can request a review on Discord or the Community Forum. Your error code is


Espero se pueda solucionar el problema. desde ya muchas gracias.