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Discussion in 'Free Hosting' started by Joshua203, Jul 3, 2010.

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  1. Joshua203

    Joshua203 New Member


    It would be great that if x10 is messing with upgrades/migrations and stuff goes wrong they can provide a backup

    my free account was ruined (completely empty) when it arrived on Fris and i know i m supposed to have backups but really ...i think it would be nice if x10 could correct the mess they created in stead of saying "something went wrong you should have a backup, we apologise"

    i took this quite lightly in the escalated ticket/thread but the more i think about it the more i disapointed i get, if i remember correctly this is now the second time this happened and the first time was promised this could never happen again
  2. bhupendra2895

    bhupendra2895 New Member

    We can't trust on anyone that he will keep our data safe and free hosting can't be substitute of paid ones.It is our duty to backup our site periodically.Although it is very sad that if you have a forum and 10 user signups happens daily and everything gets ruined due to server maintainance, upgrade or migration.
    It gives bad reputation to hosting company, bad reputation for site owner, loss of information and hardwork for site owner.It would be better if x10 had tested everything on fris and then migration would have started, in free hosting support area many posts are related to these issues is being posted daily.It is very sad.
  3. frederikcreemers24

    frederikcreemers24 New Member

    that's what I find so irritating, before x10hosting started moving servers and messing around with things, every week, there seems to be a problem with this, a reboot needed for that, it's just getting annoying, I want to be sure that visitors can always visit my site without problems, and that I can act quickly with bug fixes if they encounter bugs, at the moment, I can't do anything to my site...
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