SEO and Interaction with WordPress sites


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For those of you using WordPress, you may or may not like Google+ however there are several Google+ comment systems for WordPress that work just like YouTubes, the only issue I've seen is if people are blocking social sharing buttons with stuff like AdBlock Plus which is simply resolved by requesting people to disable the social sharing buttons or disable adblock on your site to be able to comment. This is also an excellent way to get your visitors to also potentially see your ads for your site to increase ad views. Advise them that if they want to comment, disable adblock because it's blocking the comment section.

The additional benefits is that those with G+ (which is practically everyone using YouTube now) is that when they comment, they also will be most likely sharing your link on Google+ with their comment and increasing discussions to your blog, plus allowing you to keep track of conversations easier without having to login to WordPress to check comments and the like.

I'm using the Google+ Comments Widget. I haven't had any issues with it thus far.

My last bit of advise is to use WordPress SEO by Yoast. It works for me almost right out of the box giving you a sitemap (domain.tld/sitemap-index.xml) as well as various other SEO options including your G+ profile and Google Verified Authors. It does a great deal for you and can recommend you extra tips if your blog posts aren't quite optimized. Just be forewarned of over optimization. Doing too much optimization will get you black marked by Google, so always remember, if you're following the advice of the plugin by Yoast to always make sure your content is being written for humans and not Google itself. Content Content Content.

What extra tips to you guys recommend for those of you using WordPress for your sites? I"m game for trying other plugins and other tips and tricks out.