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    (This was originally PMed to someone, who suggested that I post it as a tutorial. So, I did.)

    First, you'll need to set up a domain at FreeDNS. Register, and then click on the Registry link. Here you will find an extremely extensive list of all the domains you can use. Once you find one that you like, simply click on it. You may be asked to log in if you haven't already.

    After that, you should be at a new page which asks questions about your new domain. Enter this information:
    • Type: NS
    • Subdomain: Your desired domain, ex.
    • Domain: This should already be selected to what you want, if you got here from the Registry link; so leave it alone
    • Address:
    Okay, cool! If all went well, continue on.

    Remember the subdomain and domain you used. For example, if you chose the subdomain mydomain, and the domain, you'll need to use in these next steps.

    Go to your cPanel, and then to the Addon Domains section. Fill in with this information:
    • New Domain Name: the name you just remembered, ex.
    • Subdomain/Ftp Username: this will be automatically filled in, ignore.
    • Document Root: where you want this domain to go when visited at root, ex. I recommend using public_html (this will send it to the root of your site.
    • Password: your choice, I recommend using the same password as your X10 account.
    That might take a bit to process, so I would wait a few minutes before panicking if this next step doesn't work.

    Visit the name you remembered, ex. If all went well, it should be set up now!

    A cool thing about this is that FreeDNS redirects all ports to your site. So, for example, if your new domain was, you could access the cPanel at You can also give people email addresses to your new domain, and they will be sent to your X10Hosting domain.

    If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
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    I wonder who that someone was.... :naughty:

    Nice tut man! +Rep
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    Maybe I'm approaching this from the outside, but I find this tutorial needs further information. For instance, there isn't a link to FreeDNS. I tried with no avail. It has been my experience that using shortened url's doesn't help your website. Either the provider of the shortened url displays ads via your link or they send a percentage of your traffic to another website. Even if it is totally free, and I have found and used some, the work that you do promoting your website actually promotes the url of the service provider and not your website. For instance, if you choose the shortened version of, your efforts actually increase the exposure of the You are much better off to score a domain name of your own. You can purchase one, win one on here (through the promos), or earn it with x10 credits. Of course, that's just my personal opinion. Others may not agree with me. lol.
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    Whoops, the link was given to the recipient in an earlier PM. I'll edit that right now and add it in (

    There's no catch to this service, and they immediately update their DNS records, which is pretty cool. So you don't have to wait >=24 hours before you can find out if your domain works or not :)

    I agree with you on the promotion matter, though. There are no ads, however, people will see that is not a normal domain. Truthfully, that's actually how I found out about it (try visiting to see what I mean). They provide a link to FreeDNS (although if you try visiting, it can't connect.)

    Edit: I can't edit my tutorial.. is there some kind of time limit for editing?
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    nice tutrial dude but cant understand what dns is all about is it like a domain n what is "ns"
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    You can freely create a subdomain on my domain ( = FREEDNS), just go into Options and Add "" to the domain list.
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    this tip is great thanks man :)
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    whats freedns?
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    thanks for the tip it was really great!


    freedns is a free domain name service from where you could have a free 1st level domain name
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    Very nice tutorial.
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    I have sign up a domain account :
    For hosting, I am using the x10hosting.

    So at this site,[/B] : [U]Type?[/U]</SPAN> [B]Value[/B] :
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    I'm having a hard time getting mine to work..
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    Never mind, I got it working. :D
    I used to use, but since they now expire I moved my site.
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    it way better then it gives you like 10000 different suddomain names that you can use
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