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    You will get money when some one downloads your file. For each unique download, you will get $0.001. Redeemed cash will be transferred via PayPal or Moneybookers once it reaches $10.

    10000 Unique Downloads: $10

    50000 Unique Downloads: $50

    100000 Unique Downloads: $100 USD

    500000 Unique Downloads: $500 USD

    1000000 Unique Downloads: $1000 USD

    Refer a Friend You will get $0.10 Referral Bonus, when someone joins with Ziddu through your referral link and uploads his first file!

    Please, subsucribe using my referral ZIDDU

    Non referral link

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    Yeah i heard about this... Not a bad host except for u gotta type in the letters like

    I get 100-300kb/sec download from Ziddu

    edit: and around 0.15kb/sec upload speed
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