simple website, yall like?


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i was Bord and decided to play around

play is good.

made this all on meh own.

about 5 hours of work, 4 hours went into the editor that no one will see *cry*

but im lazy, and as a guide for a major mmo requires allot of work + dedication and will to play the game more then a sane amount, i don't think its gona be the next biggest wow guide site.

and yes, i did say that i don't play wow that much, not like my dad who can play for 10 hours straight. Me its 2 then i gotta watch anime...

But the site is actually quite simple(minus the editor, fckeditor)
2 php pages and a folder titled Pages and a .htaccess with modrewrite
it simply redirects all urls to the index page, were it trys to read it from the Pages folder.
It actually reads it, not an includes, to prevent any harm if someone modifies a page and adds some harmfull php.
then to make editng of the layout easier, it sets an array with the variables(title, menu, contents, footer, and ad) and includes a second page with the html.
minus the editor, the code is 3kb, the whole site is 333kb(including all the pages and images)