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Discussion in 'Graphics & Webdesign' started by phenetic, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. phenetic

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  2. Rhianna

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    Ummm, what do you mean by "fuller?" Can you give an example as to how he can improve?

    I think it's a tad too gray.
    What's in the background? A bug's body & legs? A flower? Just a design? It's hard to tell. I like how that stays stationary while you can scroll the forum up over it (a CSS trick?) --it's a neat trick, but it's difficult to read the text over that design.
  3. Dark.Cobra

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    Pretty nice design, i like it, its professional looking and smooth... Althou I do see a bug: your category titels are black, matching the bgcolour.
  4. KbFr08

    KbFr08 New Member

    i like this i see you changed.
  5. phenetic

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