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Hi !

I'm thinking of buying a domain probably .net or .info or some country TLD like .us .
1> Are these .info, .us , .ca, etc supported in x10hosting ?
Foolishly asking, what about .net ?

2>Are "Ad Free" and "Ad Enhanced - STATIC" plans same ? I guess they aren't.
Ad Free has "Disk Space of 300 MB", Bandwidth 10 GB,cPanel 11+ whereas
Ad Enhanced - STATIC has 100 MB, 3 GB, cPanel 10+ . Isn't it ?

3>What is "Custom Account Panel" shown in "Ad Enhanced" plans ?

4>How many sub-domains can be created in "Ad free" plan ? Please provide me more info on "ad free" plan. I tried to get info in the sign-up pages, but I couldn't.
(Link ) brings sign-up, not details.

5>I had read somewhere in the forums that "ad free" plans will be discontinued. I don't
remember for sure though. So what about the future of this plan?

6>Finally, where is the "catch" ? Even Ad-ed plans don't yield money, as advertiser don't pay for impressions but for clicks.Do they ?
So how you folks doing this ?

7>And finally procedure for change of plan ? As I think multiple accounts aren't allowed ?
Or do they mean "forum accounts" ?

Thanks !


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1> Yes, you can host any domain with x10hosting. We don't have any limitations of this kind.
2> No they aren't. Ad-Enhanced Static is an old plan, and it will be discontinued in the future. Ad-Free is much better than Static, it brings MySQL databases, more space & bandwidth, and more services.
3> I don't know what do you mean in this one. If it's the "Account Management Panel" that can be found at:, it works for both Ad-Enhanced and Ad-Free, and it lets you change your primary domain, your package (if you have Ad-Enhanced), and your PHP version.
4> Ad-Free plans brings 3 subdomains, 3 Parked domains, 3 Addon domains, 3 MySQL databases, etc.
5> You read about the Ad-Enhanced Static plan, not the Ad-Free.
6> We should all thank Corey. We get some money from the Ads, Advertisers, and the paid plans, but Corey has put lot of money from his pocket to keep x10hosting alive!
7> If you want to change between Ad-Enhanced plans, you can do it in the Account Management Panel. If you want to change from Ad-Enhanced to Ad-Free, or vice versa read the following thread: We only allow ONE hosting account per person.


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I'm going to go ahead and close this thread. Feel free to re-open it or create a new thread if further assistance is needed.

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