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    Hi, I'm getting a message saying that I need some SQL configuration information whilst trying to install some components of my website:
    • SQL Host
    • SQL Username
    • SQL Password
    • SQL Database
    • SQL Table Prefix
    Along with a note to contact my web host.

    What is this, and can you help?

    Website URL - http://www.spacelaunch.x10hosting.com

  2. Dan

    Dan Active Member

    Well it looks like you need an SQL database setup to use whatever your trying to install. SO you need to setup an SQl server in the cPanel. The host will usually be localhost, the username and password will be whatever you set them to be when you make it, the database is the name you give to it when you create it. I'm not sure about what the Table Prefix is though, I'll see if I can look it up - what components are trying to install??
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  4. mady_dran

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    my sql is offline how can i make it online
  5. Dan

    Dan Active Member

    You can't make it online - the Administrators are updating it so it will be online again when they are finished.
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