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If you have any FPS games created by you, you get an opportunity to submit your own FPS games in our site. To submit your game,
1.Visit our forum site click here, register for a free account by clicking on new member button at the top right corner, fillout form and click on the register button. You have successfully registered in our forum then.
2. We will approve you within 1-2 day, please be patience.
3.Then post a thread with your game information, screenshots(max 2 will be enough), and download link from which the admin will download the game.
4.Click on the submit button to post and you are done.
5.Admin will review the post if they found any game info posted they will immediately start the process of listing your games in our site and blog.
6. In this way you can promote your game as well.
7.Maximum sites only allows to submit flash games with swf format but we allows you to upload games in exe,zip,swf formats.
8.We will list your games within a week or 2.
9. We will check your game for viruses. If no virus was found during the scan process, then it is OK. But if any virus is found in your game then we will not list it in our site.

Click on the link - Click Here