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Unfortunately a time may come when your account is suspended. If this happens, don't panic... yet. There may be a very easy way to restore your account to active status.

First, figure out why you are suspended. You can see your suspension reason by logging into the account panel. If you can not login submit a support thread where a community advocate can tell you the reason.

There are two common suspensions reasons that let you unsuspend yourself without any staff intervention.

If you were suspended for either reason above you will have the option to unsuspend yourself via the account panel by going to the "Hosting" menu and picking "Suspensions".

If you were not suspended for those two reasons you should check to make sure you were not suspended for something that we consider a Zero Tolerance Suspension. Just like it sounds, if you were suspended for a reason listed at the above link you will not be able to get your account back.

For any reasons not listed above or in the zero tolerance list you should open a support thread.
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