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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by adamparkzer, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. adamparkzer

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    I came across a website a while ago called Swagbucks. Basically, it's a site that offers website currency for using their search engine. The search engine is powered by Google and Ask, so it's not garbage results either. Although there are some sponsored results mixed in, those are clearly identified by a "Sponsored" tag.

    After collecting the website currency, or "swagbucks," you can exchange them for prizes. Some gifts, like a $5 Amazon e-Gift Card, can be earned in a few weeks. Others, like an iPhone, double-bass drum set, portable GPS, or blu-ray disc player, take much longer to earn, but are worth it. There are absolutely NO offers to complete, and NO credit card is required to redeem prizes.

    (Note: you will not get swagbucks for every search you do. Just use Swagbucks search instead of other search engines, and overtime, your swagbucks will pile up.)

    Here's the link:

    Non-referral link:

    Thanks for reading, and I hope you sign up!
  2. zwiwh1slle

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    :rant2:bad site
  3. adamparkzer

    adamparkzer On Extended Leave

    Just saying it's a bad site doesn't mean anything, especially because, looking at your history at x10Hosting forums, you have no credibility backing you up whatsoever. Maybe you would like to clarify what's bad about the site.
  4. nirajkum

    nirajkum New Member

    not that much good ... I mean using google and ask api and ads to earn money is like having google custom search
  5. adamparkzer

    adamparkzer On Extended Leave

    Not 100% sure what you're trying to say here, but you're not getting money from clicking on advertisements. You can completely ignore any advertisements that appear on the same page as your search results. Your actual results page will be filled with legitimate websites like any other search engine.

    And using Swagbucks is much more rewarding than using your own Google Custom Search. First, you're not permitted to click on any of your own advertisements when you're a member of Google Adsense. However, Swagbucks rewards you just for using their search engine, regardless of if you click on the results or not.

    By the way, sorry for the slow response, I didn't notice it until today. :p
  6. jtwhite

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    I joined this a while ago when you told me about it. I don't use it much but I do have 25 swagbucks now. I think it's a great idea. If I used it everytime I wanted to search I would have MUCH MUCH more. :)

    I think you all should give it a try! Be sure to Adamparkzer's referral link!

    (or mine, xD http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/WhiteJ)
  7. adamparkzer

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    I decided I would go ahead and post an update to Swagbucks to bump this thread up and to prove that this website really does work. So far since joining Swagbucks, I've gotten a total of $45 in Amazon gift cards. That's $45 worth of 100% free stuff, just for using the Swagbucks search engine.

    I have attached a screen shot of my account for those who want visual proof.

    Again, the URL to sign up at is http://swagbucks.com/refer/adamparkzer. (The non-referral link, complying with forum rules, can be found on the first post of this thread.)

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  8. whizzy

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    get a problem loading page 404 thingy
  9. adamparkzer

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    I just checked the site and it seems to be working fine for me. Try visiting the site again in a few minutes, and if it continues to not work, clear your browser's cache and flush your DNS.
  10. whizzy

    whizzy New Member

    did, still unable to find server, i am located in Holland, could that be a reason? or my AVG free blocking his?
    nm, it loaded ;)

    hhmm, don't think i have much use for this. UK, Cdn and USA are only country's listed in the registration :(
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  11. playminigames

    playminigames New Member

    I use swagbucks when i remember to use it, and i have accumulated a total of $10 for amazon almost $15 bucks
  12. adamparkzer

    adamparkzer On Extended Leave

    You should set your default search to Swagbucks, so you whenever you search for something, you use Swagbucks. If you check out the screenshot I have in the above post, you can see that the default search on my Firefox is Swagbucks, so whenever I Ctrl+K to it, I can search using Swagbucks.
  13. adamparkzer

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    To celebrate Swagbucks getting over 100,000 fans on Facebook, they are having a huge event on Monday, October 12, 2009 (that's tomorrow in my time zone as of right now). Swagbucks staff members have announced that they will be releasing over five Swagcodes tomorrow, some of which will be of denominations never seen before. Register now and don't miss out on the event!

  14. adamparkzer

    adamparkzer On Extended Leave

    This event is now over. The new Swagbucks Swagcode they featured was a one-use Swagcode. It would be released somewhere on the site, and their blog gave a hint to where it was. The first number of people that redeemed the code (usually the first one or five people) got the Swagbuck prize. Most of them came in denominations of 25 or 50 Swagbucks. I, unfortunately, was unable to get any of them. -_-
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  16. patriot001

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    Dont know if it really works.
  17. adamparkzer

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  18. Tariqul Islam

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    I am agreed with you. Please tell us what is the bad thing in this site clearly.
  19. adamparkzer

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  20. adamparkzer

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    Swagbucks has implemented Facebook Connect into their websites. Now, if you link your Swagbucks and Facebook accounts together, every time you win at Swagbucks, your Facebook is automatically updated. You will then be able to share with your friends your referral link, and show them how much you've won.

    Swagbucks is offering a free Swagbuck to everyone who connects their Swagbucks and Facebook accounts before the end of November. Hurry up, register, and connect your accounts!


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