Thank you to x10 hosting.


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I'd like to say thank you x10 hosting for what you offer here.

Although I'm not a programmer or website developer by trade it would be true to say that signing up to x10 hosting has opened a window in my mind to the possibilities that exist for individuals to develop and host their creative ideas and projects without the hassle one sometimes perceives accompanies this process.

Unlike the hosting you have here, certain nameless companies, have always appeared to me to make their number one aim the exclusion of individuals, who do not subscribe to the philosophy, that only people with suitcases full of money, are creative or intelligent enough to deserve the opportunity to develop their creative ideas before taking the next step.

I know it's true (thank goodness) that we have open source software available these days and no one need be limited or held to ransom by large multinational companies anymore, but
when it comes to accessing online databases my thoughts would always, revert to the notion
that well - that too must be for those big companies.

Well - I'm glad I found x10 hosting. I've always felt limited by what is possible with client side scripting and knew that with everyone connecting to everyone else these days some server side code would be the step to take to open up a whole new world of possibilities. When I found x10 hosting and a few webpages on php and mysql I decided to take the plunge !

I signed up well over a week ago now and am totally impressed by what is on offer here. When you haven't done any php or mysql before, you wonder if the host's interface to the tools to do the job will be a help or a barrier to the learning process. I'm glad I chose a host with cpanel and phpmyadmin. It has exceeded my expectations in the way everything is set up here to make access so easy. I did attempt signing up with one other host before trying x10 (I won't say which one) but I never got to even sign up. I noticed that the website was down half the time I triedto view a web page and was never able to even get my signup completed.
After that experience I considered giving up but when, as a second thought, I tried x10hosting I thought it was going to be the same. I'm glad I was totally wrong.

Maybe after I've been here longer I'll come up with some ideas for improvement but in all honesty I don't see anything that desperately needs changing at the moment. The response time I get from the website is super fast. The interface as I've mentioned is so easy to use that I feel I've had a great introduction to php and mysql. I also like the way the forums are organised. There's a good community feel created by the admin, support staff and users and all the information needed is provided there in a very methodical and objective way.
I don't know where my experiments with php and mysql will lead me. That's the truth but I'm really grateful to x10hosting for not writing me off as a lost cause before I've even tried. I'll certainly look to sign up to a more relevant plan when the need arises but before then I'll definately recommend your services to anyone needing a reliable and well organised webhost.

Sorry, I got a little carried away and wrote more than I intended.
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Thank you for the kind words sir.


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kind words are very much aprecieated thank you, if you ever need help please feel free to pm me.