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To standardize the way inside Technicians handle Spyware and Virus issues please follow this layout. <BR>

This should also prevent time being wasted on situations that are more work then they are worth.<BR><BR>

We also have designated the "Check Point (512MB) Flash Drive" as our "Scanning Software" Utilities Drive. <BR>

This has also been tagged with a "Scanning Software" label.<BR><BR>

Please feel free to update software as needed on the "Scanning Software" Utilities Drive! Do not add software and do not remove software!



<B><U>Spyware and Virus Issues</B> - Run all programs in <B>Safe Mode</B></U><BR>


Try to do these things in this particular order so that other Technicians may continue work where the last Technician left off.<BR>

1. Attempt a System Restore <B>FIRST!</B> Continue with procedures.<BR>

2. Install <a href="" target="Blank">CCleaner</a> and run, clean, then reboot.<BR>

3. Install some of the following; Spybot Search and Destroy by <a href="" target="Blank">Safer Networking</a>, <a href="" target="Blank">SUPERAntiSpyware</a>, Ad-Aware by <a href="" target="Blank">Lavasoft</a> and, <a href="" target="Blank">Malware Bytes</a> Malware Remover. <BR>

* Other applications as needed are included on the Scanning Software Utilities Drive are <a href="" target="Blank">HiJackThis</a>, <a href="" target="Blank">Rouge Remover</a> and, <a href="" target="Blank">SDFix</a>.<BR>

4. Install at least one Anti-Virus software of your choice from the Scanning Software Utilities Drive. (<a href="" target="Blank">Anti-Vir</a>, <a href="" target="Blank">AVG</a>, <a href="" target="Blank">Comodo</a> or, <a href="" target="Blank">Avast</a>)<BR>

5. Scan with at least 2 recommended Anti-Spyware Applications Listed above, updating definitions prior to scanning and rebooting between scans.<BR>

6. Scan with at least one of the four Anti-Virus software applications listed above. You should reboot between scans.<BR>

7. If problem persists call the customer and explain that cleaning the system will not be cost efficient for them and that we are recommending a full reformat.<BR>

* Make sure you also let them know for an extra charge we can backup all of their personal data, (Pictures, Email and Documents).<BR>

8. <B>Uninstall ALL software added by Technicians!!!</B><BR><BR>

<B><U>Scanning Software Application List</U></B><BR>

<a href="" target="Blank">Ad-Aware</a><BR>

<a href="" target="Blank">Anti-Vir</a><BR>

<a href="" target="Blank">Avast</a><BR>

<a href="" target="Blank">AVG Free</a><BR>

<a href="" target="Blank">CCleaner</a><BR>

<a href="" target="Blank">Comodo</a><BR>

<a href="" target="Blank">HiJackThis</a><BR>

<a href="" target="Blank">MalwareBytes Malware Remover</a><BR>

<a href="" target="Blank">Rogue Remover</a><BR>

<a href="" target="Blank">SDFix</a><BR>

<a href="" target="Blank">Spybot Search and Destroy</a><BR>

<a href="" target="Blank">SUPERAntiSpyware</a>


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