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It is extremely important that users read and agree to the terms of service on our main site. To try and get this important information out there you may see it in multiple places, including below where we have listed some of the most important and overlooked parts of the terms of service.

Please note, the terms of service on the main website will always supersede any other copy or information regarding our terms.

  • No Warez! Absolutely under no circumstances do we allow any type of illegal or copyrighted material on our servers. Breaking this rule will get you a permanent suspension, we have a zero tolerance policy regarding this.
  • Inactivity You are required to visit the forums at least once every 31 days to keep your account active, no posting is ever required.
  • Bots\Scripts We do not allow any type of bot or script that runs constantly, free hosting is for creating a website, not for hosting your scripts. This includes proxies and website scrapers and crawlers.
  • File Hosting Every file on your site must have to do with the website you put up, we are not a file storage service and we strictly prohibit scripts such as torrentflux or rapidleech.
  • Crons We allow crons but they can not call a script hosted somewhere else and you must not have more than 1 running every 5 minutes. If you break this rule your crons will automatically be deleted by the system.
Not open for further replies.