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UCash is a new redirector of links, by using it you will be able to make money, and the best part of it is that after you are done configuring you wont have to do anything at all. All you will have to do is to transform your usual links to UCash links, this way you will start earning.

UCash pays around US$1,00 per 2000 clicks. This means it pays around US$0,0005 per click. It may look very low, but you got considerate that a lot people will click on those links because they are normal links of your website. And imagine if you have a database of only 100 links, the 2000 mark gets easier to achieve.

There are many ways you can use UCash, like on indication links, image gallery's (recommended), web pages, download pages¡* A good point of it is that you will reduce big links.
website, it is really easy to add your links to UCash ones using the automatic converter.
One important thing about the website is that the referral system got 10 levels. This will make it even easier to get millions of hits everyday. Visit UCash.in!
Payments via PayPal!

Also visit www.kuakurta.com for more information about money opportunities.