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It's been a while since my last update, I wanted to take a few minutes and update on the progress of things.

Before we can finish the implementation of a lot of the new features that we want to do we have to solve the abusive user problem. This has been much harder to do than originally thought, and we've developed a ton of new tools and methods to help us detect and stop the bad guys.

I wish I could talk about all the amazing things we've implemented this year on the security front but giving any information away that may allow circumvention of these systems isn't something I can do. So, for the most part this year has been dedicated to security and stopping these bad users from signing up, or at the least catching them very shortly after.

Soon we'll be able to move on to some of the other things I previously mentioned which is more of what everyone can actually see progress on.

There have also been some questions regarding the verification procedures I mentioned in my last post. This includes using the Facebook or Google SSO authorization to link your accounts.

While none of this is finalized we will be using some type of extra verification method such as Facebook depending upon how risky we believe your sign up to be and this ties in with all our new security implementations. This won't necessary for every account and we're hoping we'll be able to allow more countries to signup with these extra steps.

I'd also like to touch upon free hosting support. Free hosting support is community based, we have some fantastic volunteers and staff that help out on free hosting when time allows. I also try to help out here and there but the reality is we can not guarantee support for free hosting, our other projects and services take priority over free hosting. The worst thing you can do as a free hosting user is be rude and abrasive, this is almost a guaranteed way to have your request overlooked or be sent to the bottom of the queue. If you have a complicated issue it may take time to solve and you may have to 'bump' it to make sure it stays visible, this doesn't mean spam it, and this doesn't mean post it everywhere.

We don't force upgrades, ads, or any of the in your face marketing that most companies do. But if you need ongoing or immediate support I'd suggest upgrading to premium hosting over at the premium site, https://x10premium.com
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