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Currently x10 free hosting servers are under going a Global Update(MySQL, Issues, Etc.).

If you can't login to any of your accounts other than your forum account,
Stoli and Cossacks are under extreme maintenance to clean up all inactive accounts and prepare them for the copy over. Once complete Apache and services will be brought back online until it is time to copy them.
This means that if you can login to your accounts, any changes made won't be carried across when the backups are copied over.
So from this we can conclude that any changes made by staff to accounts won't stay either.
There is no ETA for the whole process, but Corey will periodically update the Global Update(MySQL, Issues, Etc.) thread as to when certain stages are completed.

For future reference :
For any events/situations/occasions such as this, information can be found in these threads.
News and Announcements & Server Alerts

All of us at x10hosting are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this, but it will greatly befit us all.

If you have any complaints about this Global Update(MySQL, Issues, Etc.), please read the Terms Of Service
Not open for further replies.