We all need traffic. I think I came up with a solution.


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A web ring is normally for similar websites that band together via a link of some sort. A visitor can click on a link and go to another site in the ring.

I have just started www.ultimatewebring.com but it has a difference. It is a general, all purpose ring that has a variety of sites in the ring. If a visitor clicks on one of the links to go to another site, he or she will end up on a site that could be totally different from what they left. I am hoping this will introduce the visitor to things they may not have thought about, but would like. "Variety is the spice of life".

How it works:
Go to www.ultimatewebring.com and sign up. It's free. You will be given an html code to insert into your page. I am hoping you will put it where people can actually see it. (menu or footer would be nice) You can change the colours to suit your site, but please don't do anything else to it. So far, I've got it down to about 130 pixels wide and I'm working on getting it smaller.
Whenever you have time, you are encouraged to click on the "next", "previous", or "random" links within the code to visit other sites within the ring. The site you visit will get the traffic and hopefully, you will like it enough to join, or at least bookmark. Other sites in the ring will hopefully do the same and land on your site as well. That's just the internal benefit. (within the ring) Outside visitors will hopefully do the same.

Web rings and banner/text exchanges are usually used by new sites to help generate traffic. If they get popular, they usually drop such tools, which leaves the rest of the sites without a strong site to get hits from. I am working on ways to fix that problem. Ideas would be nice.

To see an example of the html code in use, I have it on my other 2 sites. www.friends-alumni.com and www.nuthinbutwebdesignlinks.com
I will be paying for some advertising on x10 very soon, to help promote this web ring, so you can look for it within the forums and on ad enhanced sites.
I m also looking for a free banner and or text link exchange script to add to www.ultimatewebring.com so more choices are available. So far, the ones I've tried don't work. (they don't write the tables into mysql) I'm assuming the scripts are too old.


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It really sounds interesting. I'll definately give it a go once my site is up and running.