Weird CPanel problems

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When I try and log in to CPanel and CPanel services it often displays a message telling me that my IP address has changed, and prompts me to enter my username and password. This happens A LOT. When I am finally logged in, no formatting seems to be applied to the webpages. They have plain white backgrounds and the links and text looks messy and difficult to work with.

PS I am at my parent's home for the holiday, and this is the first time I tried to log in here. So I understand that the IP will be different, but surely it shouldn't change every time I reload the page.

I just tried logging in 5 times in a row, and every time it returns with a message telling me the IP has changed.

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Nevermind, it's not x10 or cPanel, it's my parents' ISP. I get a different IP every 5 seconds. Ffs. But if anyone has a simple solution to this, please share.
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