What is up with the service? It keeps on going offline and online?

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By all means, make a post if something is wrong. Most of the time, I'd say the staff don't know something is wrong unless you tell them, so it's actually important :)

We just don't need 10 threads in the top 20 named "why is my site ALWAYS down" I think it's in the sticky for this forum that says "if you have a recurring problem with site outage, make one thread. If there's a thread already, don't make another"

I try to clarify as much as I can what the situation is, why it is, when it will be different, how it is being fixed, etc. but it's tiresome after so many times :p
I don't think anyone that has posted in this thread is being mean, by the way. It's not in your best interest to say "whatever I get is good enough"

I guess my point is, there are a lot of people working hard for you and I hope you stick around to see it pay off. I really don't want anyone to leave X10 (except for the people sending spam e-mails and maxing out the CPU on the free servers. They can leave). If you leave, check back later because I think you'll wish you hadn't of left.
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