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As the title suggests, I will shortly be leaving x10. Before I leave, I thought I would express my feelings on x10...

First, the actual reason as to why I am leaving- I get the feeling many of you will have read the title, read the first paragraph, and said....
"here's another ****ing whinge about how '****' x10 is".​
Actually you are wrong. The reason I am leaving x10 is that my friend has recently acquired a server, and is offering me free hosting, and unlimited bandwidth. x10 on the otherhand, limited my space and bandwidth- which, I have no problems with- its free hosting ffs! This month my 10 gig of bandwidth didn't last long- even with my account suspended, I have somehow gone up to 35 gig of bandwidth.

What x10 offers is second to none- the huge range of hosting plans, FTP access, mySql databases, CPanel access are just some of the features you will stuggle to find on other free hosts- and the amount of bandwidth and webspace you get are perfectly adeqate.

The uptime you will get with your site are also fantastic- earlier in the month, I know there were many problems- and it seemed the servers were down more than they were up, however these issues (mySql problems), were resolved, and I haven't experienced another downtime since then. The movement of mySql to its own server has greatly reduced the server load, and vastly improved the reliability.

The community support you find on these forums are fantastic- most things have already been asked, and generally you will get a response from a member of staff pretty quickly.

However, this is also where one of my gripes with x10 slots in pretty nicely.
On the forums, you will get many, many topics that are created, and the answers already exist somewhere; and I understand why- there are at least 3 forums where information is posted
The news and announcements
The "Free Hosting"
The "Upgrades and Downgrades" forums,​
You are "expected" to read them all- these forums overlap each other badly- and I think the structure could be organised better, so people can find it easier to find stuff- topics such as "If you don't like it... leave", and "Do not PM staff", are often more easily found than the more helpful tutorials.

Something that I was suprised by, was the amount of tasks that arn't automated- tasks such as upgrades/ downgrades, as well as account checking, all seem to be done manually- and must consume large amounts of time- whilst I know nothing what-so-ever about scripts and how to automate such processes, having seen them done on other sites, I just thought how the time could be spent elsewhere.

The user control panel (x10hosting.com/account), is brilliant- most of the information you want is all in one central place- most of the annoucements that are related to your hosting plan, and the server your hosting is one are there, so you can see the important stuff to you, and most of your account settings are there to see and change. Shame the bandwidth and web space counters don't work yet.

Almost finally- This "Live Chat" you guys advertise.... seriously, I laughed when I saw this advertised. I have yet to see "Live Chat" online- If it does actually exist, I apologise, if it is just false advertising like I suspect... guys... seriously.... remove it.

I hope you guys will read most of this, maybe even take some things on board- I hope these 15 minutes, and lots of key presses haven't been wasted.

I wish x10 all the best in the future.

Titch2349 / Matt Lunn​


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Thanks for the feedback. The online help was actually online for quite awhile. I might actually take time and log into it and help as much as possible. I have just been promoted to Staff Manager and have several plans lined up in the "Help" category. It will take me a few days to get things sorted out, but I think what i have lined up will help and i hope that with more staff on board we will be able to get the forums under control again.

I wish you luck in your new adventure and appreciate the feedback you have provided.
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