Wordpress "Incoming Links" shows error "couldn't connect to host"

Discussion in 'Free Hosting' started by veeeatch44, Nov 13, 2010.

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  1. veeeatch44

    veeeatch44 New Member

    I have this strange error on my wordpress dashboard.

    In the "Incoming Links" section, it says:
    It has the default setting of:
    Everything else works fine.
    I can see all wordpress news feeds, update plugins, etc.

    I have already tried installing Wordpress through various methods:
    - Fantastico
    - Zip extraction through file manager
    - FTP upload

    I also don't think it's my domain name, because I've seen it work fine with wordpress on other hosts.

    So I suspect this is has to do with some host setting here.

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  2. masshuu

    masshuu Head of the Geese Community Support Enemy of the State

    The firewall was recently updated to block outgoing port 80(way to much abuse was going on). I will see if we can get google added to the exception list.
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  3. veeeatch44

    veeeatch44 New Member

    Thanks for the info masshuu.

    I suspect this situation is also preventing the wordpress google analytics plugin from functioning.

    I can't get a feed from one of its widgets.
    And this error appears on its settings page:
    In this case, I maybe way off...as I'm no expert at this stuff.

    Anyways, thanks again. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
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  4. veeeatch44

    veeeatch44 New Member

    It works now!
    Thanks for the change guys. :)
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