x10gaming wow server?!


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Do you guys wanna have x10gaming wow server up again? I have repacked emu where all works! I will upload it and give it to you and you guys host it on x10gaming server. I will be GM of course because its my server (i fixed and repacked it) and some x10guys can be gm's also...

If you guys are interested please contact me via email or msn messenger

Client version supported: 1.8.0

Server rules: PvP

Maximum level 60
Blizzlike XP rate
Blizzlike drop rate
Blizzlike world
Honor works
Mail works
Buypack works
Auction works
RestState works
PetSystem works
Tame works
StatSystem works
FriendsList works
Autoshot works
Spell channeling works
Talent masters
Hyjal spawned and opened
Warsong spawned and works
All instances are spawned
Hackers are autobanned
Over 50000 working quests
Almost all spells working
...and much more working stuff...

Supports over 100 players online (depends on PC capatibilities and internet connection)

When you enter world if you get yellow error message in chat window you must relog!!!
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