x10host needs to do something about this...


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I think x10hosting needs to improve on their support availability.
not just for paid users, but for the free users as well.
instead of leaving the free support in the hands of other free users.

It is good that some people step up to try to help when they can.
but that will only go so far, and it can only do so much.
only the staff/admins can make any needed real changes.
free users can only do so much to help.

I think x10hosting needs to appoint some staff to look into problems,
or other issues reported on the free support forums more often.
and to participate more in helping resolve users problems/issues.

then it will let free users know that staff actually monitors the forums.
where as right now it feels like no one does. (besides other free users)
im sure many other free users would agree, these forums need help.
thats my opinion.
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