You don't have to live in NY to benefit from New York PHP


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What is NYPHP?
NYPHP is a nonprofit organization, loosely resembling the familiar Linux User Group. Our primary purpose is to share and learn amongst ourselves. Additionally, however, NYPHP looks to cooperate with external entities. While NYPHP requires no membership dues and does not have any monetary value, businesses are encouraged to use it as a rich information and development resource. In the future, NYPHP will actively develop Open Source projects and a knowledge base of code, articles and tutorials.

Anyone can join the mailing list to take advantage of this group. If you are interested in PHP, Apache, MySQL, Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, Oracle, PostgreSQL, AMP, LAMP, Technology/Training and Certification check this site out.

The site includes PHundamentals , a NYPHP RSS Feeds Collection, PHP Presentations, a forum and more links. :)