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    Winter Wonderland

    Have you enjoyed the winter this year, or are you like me and about sick of it? I live in the middle of the Winter Wonderland, but truthfully as the years past I hate to see it come, and it stays much too long. What do you like or dislike about winter?
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    Is the Sparka server down.

    Is there a reason that the server is down. When trying to open my has been telling me that it can't be found.
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    You sound absolutely brilliant, congratulations for all your accomplishments and welcome to the forum. I like you have been roaming around here for about a month but have yet to introduce myself. I will follow your lead and offer a bit of an introduction. I am an older woman to you all of 10...
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    What's your favorite TV show?

    Hmmmm do you have to have just one? With all the shows on how can you have just one? Let's see - Son's of Anarchy (hot, hot, hot) then there's Lie to Me, Bones, Fringe, Walking Dead, The Gates, another (hot, hot, hot) what about Spartacus. See what I mean too many to chose just one. A pretty...
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    Facebook and other social networking site is one big SCAM!

    I know I am a little late, but and there is always a but, better late than never. I just could not let this go without putting some sort of comment in order to gain some wild credits. :) Actually I am going to comment to Lair personally. First I found your article a little bit boring and in need...
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    You're right, a small price to pay for great FREE hosting service, if in fact it proves to be so. I will be the first to admit it. And, for the record I was not complaining I was warning what I thought was a fellow NEWBIE to the forum. But, to defend my comment I am still curious how sitting in...
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    All help appreciated

    Kick me if I'm bad, but to ask for critique is to get it. So here goes. Navigation true is alright, basic photos are alright without a doubt, but and there is always a but, I just don't like the purple it's kind of depressing or maybe it's the green shopping cart, or maybe the lack of a logo...
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    Yep you can use all the products offered. I am basically a newbie to X10 but I have built 3 new accounts FREE and have used the blogs on two of the accounts and several of the others. Perhaps you need to try again later. Also beware...I was on an account that I never set up just checking out...
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    Can you please check

    Looks pretty inviting....are you offering any FREE B's for a good site reference? To bad I didn't speak the language.
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    What do you use x10Hosting for?

    I don't think it was meant that way...perhaps try reading it as ...and/or
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    New and already issues

    Unfortunately and or all of them from 400 to 500 in the advance area of cpanel. I have worked with cpanel for many years...and this is the only one I have seen so limited and it has so much missing in it. There is tag buttons to enter a redirect or a URL ...but I would like to do something so...
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    New and already issues

    There's something strange happening here. I went to reply to a couple of post and I could not reply some message came up rejecting it. Yet my status says I can biggie I hate replying anyway. Question about the error pages though....I went to edit them yet apparently they are limited...
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    FTP info needed

    I have an ftp client and need to upload my files. I have used Cpanel in the past with other servers and your cpanel is very limited and seems to be outdated. However if you can give me the ftp address to use to access my files I would appreciate it.