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    Windos 7 (NTFS vs WFS)

    even linux is not virus free.....i was thinking that if new filesystem is introduced then at least for some time we will get rid of viruses
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    Windos 7 (NTFS vs WFS)

    I have heard that windows 7 is having a different file system called wfs which dont have file and folder concept , so what you think guys willl it reduce the need of antivirus .........
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    new applications for web

    yaaa its ok...might be due to my avtar i changed that
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    new applications for web

    I am MALE so plz use he instead of she
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    want to confirm

    i want to confirm if its legal to host a banner exchange system on my x10hosting account or not mods plz answer.
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    imagecreate() not working!!!

    i m using a image varification code on my site but its not working and giving the error Fatal error: Call to undefined function imagecreate() in /home/allinone/public_html/exchange/randomImage.php on line 11 plz tell me what should i do resolve the...
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    [REQ][800 credits] Name for File Host!

    thanx a lot guys........thanx a lot....... I have received my credits..........tis is first time have received that much of amount...i m very happy thanx to all of you..........
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    add layer over active content

    is there any method to add layer over the active content. i m having a swf file in my webpage and i want my popup window over the flash file but its appearing behind it.......what should i do:dunno::dunno::dunno::dunno::dunno::dunno::dunno::dunno::dunno:
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    [REQ][800 credits] Name for File Host! (godam means godown in hindi)
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    only main page, please review

    its looking good.....but if u would use som e dark background instead of white then it will look better coz red with white background is not looking good. always go for light front and dark background
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    [REQ][800 credits] Name for File Host!
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    [REQ][100 Credits]Need A New Slogan

    1. "The Great Wall of S4" 2. "Wall that never ends" 3. "your images Our wall" 4. "Make your wall with your images" 5. "Images can end but not our wall" 6. "endless images, endless wall"
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    [req][300 creds]banner needed

    thanks driveflexfuel, if you want any help or any changes in that banner i can do it for no credits. Please feel free to ask for anything. thanks a lot for the credits.......
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    lion in matrix

    i have designed for can see the message in bottom
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    [REQ][600 credits]Need a new name for my site