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    Unable to sign in to account portal - Redirect to CP Fails

    Thanks Bryon! I appreciate you unsuspending the account as well. I can confirm that I am now able to log in and access Cpanel. Will mark thread for closing.
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    How Did you find x10 Hosting

    Through a member (perhaps he was staff here?) named Spartan Erik, who posted on a free webhost forum around the time I signed up here.
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    Unable to sign in to account portal - Redirect to CP Fails

    Lately, I have been running into issues signing in to my account portal. I stayed quiet hoping that the issue would be resolved. But I guess it wasn't a good idea after all - my account is suspended for failing to sign in and I'm still experiencing the same issues that probably caused the...
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    POP3 vs SMTP

    I've grown to love IMAP in the past few years. Feels like a fast way to replicate, but bypass the webmail interface if you have a favorite e-mail client. It did take some time for me to make the change when my e-mail providers offered both POP3 and IMAP. I almost always find myself to be one of...
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    AT&T to buy T-Mobile for $39B

    Mergers/buyouts between large companies rarely turn out to be favorable to the consumer. And this one just so happens to create a monopoly of GSM Cellular Services in the United States (Yes, I know there are independent regional GSM service providers - but they are minuscule in comparison)...
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    Last forum visit

    I don't know how many iterations ago - but the forums of X10hosting used to tell you the last time and date you logged in right under your username (at the upper right). Not anymore. Wish that feature could be revived again. Now that I'm working full-time, I pretty much can't remember when I...
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    America should have annexed the entire New World

    The United States has enough trouble with 50 states as it is. Let's get ourselves on a more solid footing before we even ponder about what would've happened if we took up more land. And there's really nothing much to ponder really - precedence shows that anytime a nation becomes "too big," it...
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    Most annoying gaming moment?

    I hate it when I play an online game and do very well on a particular round... only to find out that my internet got disconnected and it was all for nothing! (Thanks a lot Verizon!)
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    Most free hostings are blocked by google...

    I have to agree with Chris. It's likely abuse of some kind. I mean, where else can abuse proliferate when registration can be done relatively anonymously and no out-of-pocket costs?
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    Honors Geometry Fractal Project

    Looks good! Definitely something that requires some patience (heck, even if you make a similar looking image on Photoshop without automated plug-ins)
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    Starbucks Coffee

    I don't drink coffee very often (maybe once or twice a week at the most) and I'm somewhat ambivalent about Starbucks Coffee. I drop by once every month or every other month, depending on the time of the year. Starbuck's drip coffee has a distinctive acidic, burnt taste - not exactly a fan of...
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    How Did You Discover x10hosting?

    Saw a post by Spartan Erik on the forums section of a free website directory and followed him over.
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    Additional Changes

    Can't complain. If we blow off visiting for the entire month of February, we still have a few extra days to spare in March! :biggrin: Okay, with all seriousness, it definitely is good news. I'll personally still try to stick to the 2 week rotation - there's almost always some kind of change...
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    Which social networking sites do you like??

    I currently use Facebook (and only after friends pulled every stunt out of the book to get me to join), but I haven't really bought into the social networking thing.
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    Hey guess what

    Had to do what?!? Wondering if I should consider turn off the image blocker judging by all the responses... Nah. Can't be bothered ;)