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    I want to say Thank you!!! Goodbye 000webhost.

    Thanks for the feedback.. Its nice to see that you got what you wished for here at x10..
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    Please do not waste your money at neobux!

    These days I don't earn much from Neobux.. From 2009/04/22 to till now I made only $54.153
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    Earn with Adbrite

    Its nice to hear this.. How much do you make from the full page ads and banners - hows the CPM?
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    What type of CPU do you have?

    A. Athlon II X4 630 (fitted in my budget) B. i7-990X (love to have this one..) C. Custom Built D. AMD for value and Intel for performance.
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    How the price of petrol has risen

    I am thinking to use my cycle again instead of using my bike..
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    Project Wonderful

    ProjectWonderful could be wonderful for some people. I hope it works for you.
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    White Hacking related site

    So are you convinced that I am not even a white hacker.. lol.. The thing is "the line between the hacking/cracking worlds is pretty thin". People's thoughts can go either way. I still remember when faced the heat from MS - because they were giving out security patches...
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    White Hacking related site

    You seen the +ve side of the post - Now there are people who asked my why the heck would someone use a more costlier OS for gaming unless it was pirated..
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    White Hacking related site

    We had a blog started a couple of days ago - See an eg:
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    White Hacking related site

    What I talk about is both of them - the attacks they are about to encounter - and how to prevent them effectively. Most companies attack their own networks to test if its secure. The information on how to attack is much more common - black hats don't have to come to our site to learn them...
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    White Hacking related site

    Dear DeadBattery, dlukin - As pmg1991 pointed out - I am a hacker(white hacker) not a cracker (black hacker) - I have no intention of breaking any laws in any country. This site that I am about to create contains support forum for my company - I will be kicked out of my company if I put...
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    White Hacking related site

    Hi Deadbattery, Thanks for the reply, I guess then the TOS should be rewritten to specify that all kind of hacking including white hacking is not allowed on x10hosting.. (lol - this might make half the sites hosted here illegal...)
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    White Hacking related site

    Thanks xav0989, Please do ask someone higher up.. There was no specific x10hosting FAQ's related to hacking - People often tend to think that any normal hacker as a black hacker/cracker while normal white hackers are into securing PC's and networks without any intend to harm anyone.
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    White Hacking related site

    Is it okay to host white hacking related forum on x10hosting? There won't be any warez or nulled scripts or black hacking related stuff. I am asking this before I start to build the site - I don't want my account to get suspended.
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    Mad at x10hosting

    Admins.. please un-suspend the account... I am sure the user has now understood the TOS..