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    Suggestion: SSL

    Yeah, Varnish Cache doesn't actually natively support SSL. Never thought of that. It looks like there's only an implementation of SSL in Varnish Cache Plus.
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    Suggestion: SSL

    Let's Encrypt was finally released... a few months ago. Any news on SSL support for free hosting?
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    Poor Mobile Layout

    Huh? Did you notice the URL in the address bar? I'm posting feedback about these forums.
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    Poor Mobile Layout

    The responsive layout of these forums on my Nexus 5 (and other phones too, I'm sure) is messed up and is really hard to read. Could you fix the layout so posts actually fit the screen width?
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    503 Backend Fetch Failed

    +1, also having this issue on xo3. I've been noticing lots of downtime in the past week, it's getting pretty annoying...
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    Change cPanel Theme

    I had my theme manually switched to Paper Lantern for a while, but then it got switched back.
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    Change cPanel Theme

    Could someone change my cPanel theme back to Paper Lantern? The x3 theme is really getting old.
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    What happened to IRC support?

    What happened to x10Hosting's IRC support channel? It seems that it was quietly shut off a while back, and nobody has posted about it.
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    000WebHost Security Breach

    Millions of passwords were apparently stored in plaintext. 000WebHost hasn't made any comment, but continues to upsell their premium services.
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    Something I've noticed here

    That's true, especially with huge files... I think Dropbox or MEGA would be the best solution.
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    Something I've noticed here

    Peer5 should work, it's an HTML5 P2P downloader. The problem is that it doesn't like Varnish, so you'd need another web host unless you can somehow get x10Hosting to completely disable it on your site.
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    Account Upgrade Page Broken

    x10Hosting is working on upgrading their upgrading system, this is probably the cause.
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    Link cPanel account with forum account

    Hi, I'd like to link my cPanel accont with my x10Hosting forums account, but when I do, I get a vague error message - "A fatal error has occurred". Could someone manually link my cPanel account, bmccoyx2, with my forum account please?
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    Abnormal Amount of Backend Fetch Failed

    I'm getting lots of 503 errors today. Are you guys working on a fix?
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    Upgrade to Prime Hosting

    "Unfortunately a fatal error has occurred with processing your request. Please try again soon."