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    Whois Guard/Protection and the ICANN Policy

    My understanding is this: Registrants of a domain name are required to provide certain information for WHOIS. If they don't, they can legally have their domain removed. When you use WhoisGuard or DomainsbyProxy or whatever, what you're actually doing is paying (or not paying) those services to...
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    Canada: Internet Piracy Capital?

    I'm guessing the study doesn't take things like proxies and remote servers into account... I always guessed the most piracy was in China and Eastern Europe; that's where a lot of spam comes from.
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    x10Hosting's Servers are on Windows?

    Yeah, they're Linux. You must be seeing something incorrect.
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    Hi all

    Well, you can do both... it's just not easy. Apache is the best way to go as a server; for a domain, once you buy it you can point it to your IP. However, this means if you're not on a static ip, you'll have trouble keeping it up to date. Also note that on a home connection your domain is gonna...
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    PETA seems unethical, obnoxious, and sensationalist. I don't agree with their views or their ways of explaining them.
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    How do you like my site?

    Error 404 here.
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    MY site

    yea, um, I can't really tell you much. It looks like a generic site trying to make money via adverts.
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    sleek and simple?

    It looks nice, aside from a couple of issues: (1) There's no <title> element; it's just called "Page title" (2) the "REGISTRATION FORMS AVAILABLE AT:" section goes beyond its boundaries into the blocks of text on the right (3) Fonts are too small on the right text block (4) No rollover on...
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    All things Tech --

    Excellent looking, very professional - good luck with it!
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    Take a look please

    That is one hell of a long URL for even a subdomain. You might be interested in some sort of or domain name that'll make it shorter, or even a paid domain. The repeated background is obnoxious and should be killed. There's no defined color scheme and the links are just kinda...
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    Linux Distro for Low, Low, LOW end computer?

    Hi all, I have xubuntu installed on an old laptop with 256mb/ram and a 1.8GHZ Celeron processor. It's rather slow. I also have a Compaq desktop with 512MB RAM and a Pentium 4 (not sure of stats.) Any suggestions for a low-power version of Linux which would run smoothly on these systems?
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    What is the best designed site you've seen? 'nuff said.
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    Which linux distribution do you like the best?

    I use Ubuntu, and I have a laptop which runs XUbuntu, as it's too slow for the real thing... yea, yea, I know, Ubuntu is the newbie's linux, yah, boo, sucks. It works, so I use it.
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    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    I'm using W7 X86 on my Macbook Pro (stats in my sig) and have had no problems whatsoever. Everything went smoothly. In fact, I quite like it - everything Vista was supposed to be.
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    help needing to build a desktop

    Well, I'd recommend avoiding Vista, especially since Windows 7 is just down the road. You should definitely get a computer loaded with XP instead. As for budget, you can get a fine computer for $600, but graphics capability will be... limited... to say the least.