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    Double a free acount

    Ok, thanks. THe main reason was for number of sql db's (due to a problem i ended up solving :) ) but i may go for the doubled thing.
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    Double a free acount

    On the account panel, it has an an ad to 'double everything' in your free hosting account. How much would you get from doing this, how long does it last, and would that then make it a 'paid' account?
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    Link Exchange with Insolent*****?

    Nice. There an rss feed for the site?
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    No. For a million, would you throw your comouter into a moving combine harvester?
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    Count to 1 Million

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    PHP: Running code from string.

    Ok, I got it working. <?php $text = "?> ".$text; eval($text); ?> Thanks to bioshock and misson, whose solutions I merged to get this code. :biggrin: Hard to belive it was so simple, really.
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    PHP: Running code from string.

    Yes, I'm proccesing the file before showing it, and spliting it up into parts, leaving me with two strings. The first is broken up into an array to make the page details, and the second is the body of the page (where i want to include the php code). This is the new part of the code using eval...
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    PHP: Running code from string.

    No, that doesn't work. Thanks anyway. I'm trying to use output buffering, but that doesn't work either. :eek4: <?php ob_start(); echo ($text); ob_end_flush(); ?>
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    BingYahooGoogleAsk - four search engines at once

    Thats actually pretty cool. However, on a small screen you can't really see the results very well. :happysad: But yeah, good idea, maybe I'll use it next time i need results from sereral search engines (which I do atually do sometimes, I'm not being sarcastic :) )
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    PHP: Running code from string.

    I am working on a script that will take a text file and convert it to styled html. What I want to do is run php code from inside the file. The string will be something like this: <?php $str = "<div>Some HTML <?php echo 'some...
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    Corrupt A Wish Season 2

    Granted, but knowing the answer destroys your mind entirely. I wish php didn't explode every time I miss a } or ;
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    Hi all!

    Thanks for all the welcomes guys
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    Cpanel not working

    Ok, it's working now. Problem was On my end, and I was using Ty anyway
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    Cpanel not working

    I can't load the cpanel on Any idea why?
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    Tech Ideas Site

    I quite like it. The top header, while big does look nice. However, my suggedtion would be to make it smaller and add a description. WP theme is nice and simple, and easy to read. As was said, a proper domain name would probably be a good idea. Maybe go for if .com is taken?